Monday, October 29, 2012

Take My Hands And Lets Go Somewhere New...

          Have you ever fall in Love? If yes, then you remember how the world around you had suddenly turned itself into a very beautiful magical world and starts to play with you in a very beautiful and romantic way. It was that moment, you realize that the world just perfect for you and your lover to romance and fall in love all over. You look up at the sky, and realized how the sun, the moon, the clouds and the blue skies has turned into some very beautiful and cute magical creatures and now they wanted to kiss you and you were enthralled by their charms. Then you felt the cold and sweet breeze on you skin, your face, your hair and your fingertips and now everywhere and you realize that they were actually playing with you but you got so hypnotized by their play and now you wanted to play more and more. You could have live there forever and ever. When you finally came into your senses and decided to look around, to find very hazy world in front of you but in a very beautiful and colorful way that you start to think, if you ended up somewhere in some Fairy Tales world. Everything looks so perfect, the sun rays seems to guide you, the tree leaves and their followers decides to red carpet your path, people seems to be more cheerful and you ended up just smiling over and over again. They say these things happens in movie, but I say, these things happens in real life, you just have to fall in love. The everything is so quite, so perfect and so serene. Now the painting.

Title: Serenity
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 24 X 30 Inches
Not For Sale

          This piece of work is the depiction of those wonderful colors around me and of those simple but wonderful moments that always takes me to another world of surrealism over the years and through seasons. I have always been fascinated by raw beauties. Beauties that exist somewhere where most people will not even expect it to be there, but is there. It only wants to (and will) be observed by those who she decides to show. Like the beauty of the rain and that wonderful feeling of the very minute reflected rain drops hitting my face while I am standing next to a window watching and listening to the rain outside. Or maybe even like some years ago when I use to live a corporate life, everyday on my way to work, I tend to observed at those very beautiful small flowers with its perfect colors when it blooms on the roadside and get awe at the sight of it. Unfortunately many people will not see their beauties and gets ignored. And yes, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White are my favorite colors when I am with my canvas. I even like the color Purple so very much but for now, let the color Purple take its sweet time to tell her own story.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


          Again sorry, because I haven't been regular in posting new post on my blog. Consider me lazy or whatever but here is a new painting I did sometime back but never got posted. Its an abstract art done on Oil on Canvas and of course untitled. As the headline says "Art...Improvised!!!" lets get there, shall we???

Title: Untitled
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 30 X 36 Inches

        The best way to buy colors is, select the colors you usually work with, list it down and buy in bulks. That saves you a lot deal of money in the near future. But there is a draw back with this method, single colors don't come in small quantities and that means you have to buy a lot more then required for the moment (Of course you can and will always use it in future), which means you have to burn a big hole in your pocket at the time of buying it.

          Yup, that's my problem. I am a struggling artist at the moment and don't have that much money in my pocket to burn. So my way of buying colors for now is, buy it in sets. When I buy it in sets, colors comes in smaller quantities which is sufficient for me to use at the time and which means lighter to my pocket. Well and good or maybe not... When I purchase colors in sets, at the end of the day there are so many unused colors left behind, inside the set, which I probably might never use it again for the fact that I can't imagine where to fit in those colors in my paintings.

          Not anymore!!! This painting was done with those many unused colors which I nearly decided to throw away. Yay!!! I am genius (Just kidding)...Anyway, in the above painting only blue and yellow are the real colors, the rest of the colors are the final result of mixed and use the unused colors effect. Cool huh!!! Well, that's about "Art...Improvised!!!". Apart from that, its an abstract figure of a women and her daughter but still is untitled, which I prefer more these days. And you are free to and more then welcome to have your own explanation and find your own beauty within the painting. I think that's the beauty of being an abstract. No boundaries or boundaries just set by your own imaginations.

          Be blessed.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Voka Inspiration...

             Must have been two years since the first time I came across an amazing artist whose style of painting was so amazing and the spontaneous play of colors that he plays with his baby was so very mesmerizing that it stayed with me till date and still is an inspiration to me and my art. Voka, an Australian Painter and the founder of Spontaneous Realism is one of the biggest name in the world of painting today. I wish I could afford one of his painting myself but this wish is not gonna happens in the very near future (Of course, unless Bill Gates decides to donate a hundred million dollar). Ahahaha...

             Well, I wont write much about Voka myself (If you've found inspiration, I suggest you visit him at except that a small digital camera is his constant companion and often he presses the shutter indiscriminately, without even looking through the view-finder or focusing on a
particular point, this pictures later serves him as a memory, inspiration and subject for his next painting. Now, that's amazing, isn't it?

             In Voka's own word, 
"If I knew in advance how the finished painting would look, it would be too boring to paint it in the first place", and that's very true as an artist myself. I always paint not even knowing what will it turn out at the end, just following my memories. Finally, I thought of sharing a youtube video of Voka painting live but I'm little confused here now, because all his paintings are too amazing that's its very hard for me to chose one for you. I hope Marilyn Monroe will do the honor and anyway, you can browse it yourself later.

             Busy!!! Busy!!! Busy!!! but thought I should take a break and write something about an amazing artist whose style of painting (by coincidence) happens to be somewhat similar to how I would paint. The only difference is, Voka usually paints with a picture (that he capture himself with his digital camera) in front him, but in my case, I trace back the picture withing my head from my experience, childhood memories, random thoughts or anything that had once captures my fancy. 

             I hope Voka was an inspiration. And be blessed :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Denny Dent, Give Us Wings...!!!

          If I tell you this, that a person painted two paintings of Presidents to performing at the Rock & Roll Hall of fame to the stage of the Woodstock '94 concert, do I get your attention? If I did, then here is "Denny Dent" whose repertoire featured Denny's renderings of John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, and Tina Turner, to name a few.

          Denny Dent was born and raised and in Oakland on April 5, 1948 and spend his final days in Denver, where he finally died at the age of 55 due to kidney and heart complications, on March 29, 2004, leaving behind his greatest work, "Brian Olsen" (his student) to continue on with his legacy. Described as the world's only "Rock and Roll Painter", Denny Dent invented a new form of performing art, of what we call it today as "Speed Painting" in 80's and since then the world couldn't look away.

          Well, I will not even try to explain who or what Denny Dent or his art form is, because in a million years my words will never do Denny or his art form, a justice. Let Denny do that himself with a video of him painting live (of Jimi Hendrik) at U.W Oshkosh Wisconsin. Thank me later for this video. Do take time and watch the video, you will appreciate it.

          If Pablo Picasso is considered as the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, to the world, then Denny Dent is to me. And it would be unfair on my part to claim that I don't have a artist icon (which necessarily doesn't mean I paint like him or inspired by his works). Of course, when I started as a kid I hardly knew any famous artist (Or even none). But time passed and youtube came into the picture.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Journey Unknown.....Or Maybe Not...!!!

          Its been a while since the last time I have written a post on my blog and I am really sorry if you one among many who follows my blog. Hope it doesn't continue this way in future, I admit, I am such a lazy a**. Anyway, here we are and I am doing good. Hope its the same at that end of yours too.

          Well, officially I haven't got much to share as I haven't done much lately. Four new paintings done and that's all, but unfortunately, I ain't posting those pics here (or anywhere) very soon or until my next exhibition. So, lets talk unofficially. In the mean time, so that you don't get bored with my crappy style of writing and also because, many of my friends wanted me to post it, I am posting some sketches of some T-Shirt designs that I have done recently for a fest. Consider it a Pro Bono project.

Girls T-Shirt Design 1
           First, I am an artist and that means I have to put in a lots of hard work within the boundaries of being alone for hours, to just come up with a piece of work. Its not a very fancy thing to fancy about. Sometimes its really very hard. Well, I am not complaining about it, but here is a rough picture of what it takes me to come up with a painting.

          What/How I do is, come up with a blur picture in my head (a time consuming process), then make a rough pencil blueprint of it on the canvas (sometimes this is really frustrating for me because of my very bad shaky hands), now make an under paints of it and decide what stays and what not, then the serious paintings and finally, the final touch. Sometimes a painting can take like a month and at times it just take 2/3 days. Well, that's when things goes right (which usually does) but at times things doesn't turn out the way I picture and that's when my mind is like, "why don't I just pick up a knife and tear the whole things into pieces" (I wish I could do that).

Girls T-Shirt Design 2
          Now, you are wondering why I wrote this. This maybe a little funny and to be honest, I really hate to talk about this. But lately, I started to feel that its kinda absolutely necessary for a struggling artist like myself to discuss this and set the message clear. Believe it or not, but lately many people (rather friends) had express their desire to own one of my works. This is supposed to be good right? Well, it's not when they wanted me to paint them for free.  Now I am kinda in a situation where I don't even want to pick the phone calls. Yes, the last exhibition was followed by a Cover Page by a magazine, two National Daily newspapers and some more local newspapers coverage and a TV channel broadcast. Since then, I have made a lot of new friends and also came in touch with a lot of old lost friends. Its a very good feeling and specially when they appreciate my art, but this doesn't mean that I can now stop paying the bills. At the end of the day I still have to pay my bills, eat my daily meal and survive. And when I say I am a struggling artist, I mean it. Why don't these people realize that this is my work and my livelihood, exactly like the way they go on to their daily work schedule. What would their answer be if I ask, "Can I take your one month paycheck because I really like your work?". Well, I hope now you get my point.

          Yes, I do free paintings but that's for charity purpose where I am supporting some genuine cause through some NGO's and will do so in future whenever or wherever I feel the need to. But please, yes please don't come and ask me to paint one for free for you. Just think about the price of a 250 ml tube of oil colors. Its anywhere between 300-500 bucks depending on the color for Christ Sake. Now let me not mention the price of brush, canvas, thinner etc.

Men's T-Shirt Design 1
          Well, that's about it and apart from that, recently me and some friends had decided to start an online business for online shopping and have been pretty much busy with the said business thingy. I should say, its going well on that side but as you know it, like any business, its in the initial stage and we are just hoping it works out well. For now its just investment and investment and advertisement , can't wait for the returns to happen...hahaha (Just kidding).

          As I said earlier, apart from the four paintings mentioned above, I did two more paintings but that's for charity purpose and I don't want to reveal much information on it. I prefer it that way. And one more painting as a gift to someone who has been very kind and help me and my friends a lot when we started out as an artist. Well, this person deserve it because where I came from, art is like a canyon in the desert and it has not been very easy for us in our journey, but this person has help us in reaching out to many people and also to our own people and it has been going good so far and we are so very much oblige.

Men's T-Shirt Design 2
          Apart from art and business thing, for sometime I have had some bad Insomnia bug caught up with me for over two months and did had some real frustrating times. Well, that's me every summer and I really wish this goes away from my body. But fortunately, today is the 8th day with proper sleep and so, I guess my mind is working perfectly good. Now, a little writing on the collection of short stories I am working on is what I plan to do along with the next art exhibition which me and my friends are planning and looking forward in the month of October/November if things work out the way we have planned. Please pray for us as were are meeting up a lot of people, advertising and also looking out for help from wherever possible. Some meetings has turned out to be very good but to be honest some of the meetings have really piss us off. I think that's the part of the game and there isn't much to complain about it for now. And yeah, I really miss my family these days. Its been over 6 months since the last time I met them and I really look forward to this Christmas to see them again. If you are from here, you know the reason why and if you aren't from here, then its just a long and boring story.

Men's T-Shirt Design 3
 And finally, these days I am also trying to save up some money as I am thinking of an art show back home from where I came from early next year.
Its just a thought for now but I will talk more about it very soon. For now its better this thing stay in the dark because it will not make much sense to you right now if you aren't from around here (my place). And yes, I haven't wrote much about myself or where I came from to make things easier for you to understand. But these I will not do today, but I will very soon, I promise. Then you will understand what these lines really means to me or us. And oh...What do you think about these T-Shirts designs?

          And be blessed.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Magazine cover follows....

So, finally after a long wait North East Sun gave us the cover story. But unfortunately, the final print got something wrong and my article for which I spend three sleepless night o write twas given credit in my friends name. For correction, a fortnight to wait. That's too long, so here is the original article I wrote, "The Story Behind Our Recent Show" and I am pretty sure many of you will never get to see the actual magazine itself as it is only distributed in India. Of course, this article was printed with a little editing.

Me, Cynthia and Jithuw (From left)
I am not the best but I am one of the best and I pray, even Jithuw and Cynthia have the same thinking. I hope this is a good way to start off with our story. This is not my story, neither this is Jithuw Pfuzeh’s story, nor Cynthia Kolakhe’s story. This is our story. This is “Random Lives and North East India”. This is us. Though just the beginning, we have come a long way.

When Mr. Kallol Dey (Principal correspondent at North East Sun) requested me to write about us and the story behind our recent show “Random Lives and North East India”, in front of CafĂ© Coffee Day one fine evening, I readily accepted his offer on the spot. I knew what I was going to write. But then, when I started to penned it down, I realized I barely knew anything about either Jithuw or Cynthia. I was completely lost. I couldn’t even find a word to start with. It was like; the dictionary had just run out of words. This is very me (lost every time within myself) but I needed to start. This cannot be just another story. It has to be good. It has to tell our story. I seriously needed a journalist perspective.

September or October of 2010, we met Cynthia over a cup of tea at a common friend’s place. I don’t remember now if it was a morning or an evening. Jithuw and I were roommates for nearly two years at that time. It was not the best of time, but I guess everything has its best time and it came. I was not painting for nearly 5 years, just some random sketching on my sketchbook when I get bored. Colors were totally forgotten. Jithuw was in his third year. He was busy with his studies and as a roommate, I know, he was barely painting. He was rather actively taking part in posters making at college competitions. But Cynthia must have been painting seriously at that time. I heard she did a solo show and also, she was into T-Shirt designing in collaboration with a clothing store at Lajpat Nagar, because a friend text me to go and check out some of her creations. I didn’t go and that’s funny. But let me take a wild guess here as I don’t remember exactly, it must have been that day that the seed of “Random Lives and North East India” was sown somewhere within us. Of course, the name “Random Lives and North East India” didn’t take its birth at that point of time. It came in much later. It was not a day of introduction. We have met quite a few times. Especially during our Mao student union function in Delhi, where we collaborate with some of our few other friends and worked together as a team from interior designing to choreographing fashion shows. Actually, by then we had become quite a very good friend.

Me, Cynthia and Jithuw (Bottom to top)
Unlike any other projects that we had worked together previously, “Random Lives and North East India” was something personal and dear to every one of us individually. It was not a project completed within a week or two. It was our baby and it took its time to grow up. It first open its eyes within our laughter, it took its first steps over dinners, adolescence, then time for teenager came with confusion and dilemma and finally when the time came for our baby to take the world, we knew we would do everything within our limited capacities to bring out the best. There was no going back. We hired the best curator we could find, Kapani S Kolakhe. Then, Jithuw and Cynthia was running around and meeting up people for sponsorship. They were hardly sleeping. They didn’t mention it, but I knew it through their sleepy eyes (especially Cynthia, funny!!!). It was going rough and soon we couldn’t keep up with it. I quit my job but it didn’t bring in the desired result. It was frustrating and I guess it was the worst phase we went through. We didn’t know what to do first or last, or whom to meet. Already limited resources were draining up fast with no returns. One meal a day was a luxury of time we could afford. Sleep deprived and some people we met even added to the already grave situation. And unfortunately we had to delay our show. From far, quitting seems like the best option but that option we wouldn’t take. Then, the wind changed its direction.

Me with my recent work
Indus Flavors steps in, the first sponsor Jithuw and Cynthia could tap in. Then opened us with a new window. Sponsors started to flow in, we grew even stronger. Time was very limited and we needed publicity. We had to divide our works; Jithuw and Cynthia would handle the sponsors and printing part, and I would run after the media. I ask our curator Kapani to go along with me. Hindustan Times agreed to do us a story and we are still very much thankful to that sweet lady at HT whom Kapani and I met. White Smile and JK Construction agreed for sponsorship. Asian News International agreed to broadcast us on DD News, Asian Age was going to give a very good story. North East India Foundation extended their hand of brotherhood and became one of our sponsors. Financial and moral help came in from visionaries and, from families and friends. And finally, one very sweet and beautiful young lady joined us through the journey and gave us a very beautiful and encouraging story through Morung Express.

Resident Commissioner, Mr. Jyoti Kalash and Deputy Resident Commissioner, Mr. John Chawang, Govt. of Nagaland, stood by us and willingly offered Nagaland House to showcase our works. North East Sun gave us the big brother hand from the beginning and still continues. Indo-Bhutan Photography ( left behind cherished memories through their amazing photographs and with their continual help since our journey started. It started as an individual dreams and most likely a social cause, if it ever worked out. Hopes were tiny but still were hopes. We needed a fire to kindle. And we got that from everywhere and everyone. Jithuw will later say “The theme Random lives and northeast India came as a random choice and so is my profession as an artist”. And to Cynthia, “it’s about our life with full of surprises and serendipity. Being open to unexpected turns in the road is an important part of success”. Two days exhibition and it turned out to be a big success. Crowds thronged the venue and Jithuw says, “Our exhibition brought in many media, hundreds of crowds from students to professors, diplomats, officers to retired persons, foreigners and many Delhites”.

The rectified version of the article i wrote

“Random Lives and North East India” is a journey of the three of us spanning over a year. A journey, through the path of inspirations and depressions, understandings and misunderstandings, laughs and fights but it did leave behind traces of us along the path through the success that we achieved after the show. It was a path less taken, I would say, by our own people. But we took it and we are proud for that.

Monday, April 30, 2012


    When I was 12, I don’t even remember what I did. But she is 12 and she is already touching hearts with her music and is fighting for a great cause. So, I don’t want this to be just another article on my blog. I want it to be more of a personal story of this person and her cause. A story of a person once a victim of ridicules and bully, because she wanted to follow her dreams. Now she is fighting back against this inhuman act/thinking and she is all prepared. This is the story of that amazing person. This is the story of an inspired kid. And this is the story of the cause she is fighting for. Meet Tori Wilson; the rising star on the horizon and she is here to rule. We just have to wait for the time. For time will tell us the story and this time not just a story, a great story.

     Tori Wilson goes to school in Long Island, New York, and like any other beautiful kids in the block, Tori likes to participate in school basketball, volleyball, dance and kickboxing and she is an avid reader and an artist. At the age of four, after doing a camp talent show Tori was inspired to become a performer. I guess at the age of four, I was still crying for food when I was hungry. I wish this was a joke. Anyway, Tori began appearing on commercial prints and TV shows. In 2008, Mr. David Doan, the casting director at Nickelodeon offered her to showcase her talent on the TV show. She was just eight and she found her true calling. There is no stopping since then. But unfortunately, there were people already trying to get her gone. After appearing for a Nickelodeon Thanksgiving special, Tori became a victim of ridicule and bully from the local kids. It must been worst for her. All possible attempts were made to conceal and preserve her talents but the world was too small to conceal a true gift and talent. Some of Tori performances became public and the situation got even worse. Her parents intervened. Tori currently attends a private school where she still passionately follows her dreams and hopes that one day it will make the world a better place for everyone to live.

     With the face of Dido and the spirit of Pink (it’s my opinion), Tori Wilson is trying her best within her limited capacities to spread the message that bullying is no good for anyone and she needs our helping hand in spreading this message to the people. As a victim of bully herself, Tori say, “The cause of bullying and working with the children means a lot to me. Bullying starts much younger and I feel that peer to peer intervention works much better and I am trying my best. Every time I hear, another kid has taken their lives due to bullying it enrages me even more. No one has the right to put down another to make themselves feel better. I think if we all took that simple approach of treating others how you want to be treated the world would be a much better place.” This is the messages that Tori wanted to convey in her single “Not Today” that has became Anti-Bullying Anthem which is giving other kids a hope and courage to take a stand and believe that there is a better world out there.

     Not in Tori’s exact word but I feel this is what she wanted to say to everyone;
“What do you say about?
That girl you pushed down the other day. She's already being abused at home.
That girl you called fat. She's starving herself.
The pregnant girl walking down the street. She got raped.
To that girl you called a slut in class today. She's a virgin.
The boy you called lame. He has to work every night to support his family.
The boy you made fun of for crying. His mother is dying.
The old man you made fun of cause of the ugly scars. He fought for our country.” I hope Tori agree with me.

   Tori Wilson has appeared on Eye on NY with CBS’s Dana Tyler, ABC’s One Life to Live with her message. She has also performed at Madison Square Garden, charity benefits shows including LI2 Day Breast Cancer, LI Chapter of Chrons and Colitis, Lexibean Foundation, Talk Therapy TV’s USS Intrepid and Robbies Run. The Mulchay’s show for Breast Cancer raised over fifteen thousand dollars and many more. Tori has written articles publish by Newsday several times, and was also invited by WPIX Morning News to share her song.

     Tori has been doing what she can do best and thankfully things are changing around her. Media outlets are taking notice and helping Tori spread her message. Enquiries are received as far as Bosnia asking if her songs could be used at the town assemblies. Tori constantly receive packages at home filled with letters from children thanking her along with videos children singing “Not Today”. That must be very heart whelming and I have this hope that you will join Tori’s fight for justice and she is counting on you.

     I haven’t met Tori Wilson personally; I only met her on twitter when she sent me a YouTube link of her new single “Not Today” which happened to be an amazing song with an amazing cause from a beautiful person with an awesome big husky voice. Now I know that she is call a little girl with the big voice and that Pink voice influence her. We have grown to be a good friends on twitter over a period of time but of course, I would like to meet her in person. And I am very glad and honored, when I ask Tori if I could write her story on my blog, she readily accepted and offered me with her details and story. Thank you. Anyway, Tori Wilson was not the first person who sends me YouTube link, but she was the first who tweeted me back. She was different, she was being a human and I already knew she was winning hearts.

     Currently, Tori is working on finishing her EP to make it an LP (Well, I have no clue what this EP or LP means). Anyway, she has 5 originals and is working on 4 more which she expects to complete it by this July.

Best wishes Tori and be blessed.

And please do remember to check out her video and maybe subscribe her.

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